About TacTanks

In TacTanks you are the leader of a tank squadron. As squadron commander it is your responsibility to take part in staged competitions and succeed in international contests. You will reach this aim by carefully selecting available resources, developing fight strategies, and unit specific tactics.

Appealing graphics, diverse units and equipment as well as a variety of tactic possibilities make this Indie game a unique experience. TakTanks is a turn-based tactic game with breathtaking action scenes and ground fights. Use cover and obstacles to protect your units. Consider the strengths of your respective armor and the optimal positioning of your units. Prove your skills, in combat with the AI, online with friends, or globally in open multiplayer fights.

Main features

Strategic basis: Build unit lists, adapt them and develop them further. Unlock additional equipment and improvements by leading your units to victory. Tactic fight: Lead a tank group in turn-based ground fights and use tactic equipment and improvements of your units.


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